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24 | 02 | 2020
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A symbol of German resistance from the intellectual roots of democratic socialism is Wilhelm Leuschner, whose birthplace is in Bayreuth. His life and political activity are part of the historical legacy of the German resistance against the barbarism of Nazism.

As long as a couple of people remember this tyranny the freedom can be appreciated and enjoyed. But each new adolescent generation does not appreciate much highly the achievements of the combat against the tyranny because they lost the consciousness of the worse state. The consciousness of the good state which arises from a worse condition must apprehend as historical significance of each generation by the passing on of the resistance and his spiritual roots.

The challenge of the Wilhelm-Leuschner-Foundation is to convey this heritage to the adolescent generations.  Her purpose is the advancement of the scientific research and intermediation of his life-time achievement. This is bound up with his effort for social equity, his contribution to the development of the modern welfare state and a vibrant political democracy as well as his advocacy for the understanding among the European nations. 

For this purpose there are arranged special exhibitions by the Wilhelm-Leuschner-Foundation additional to the existing permanent exhibition in the Wilhelm-Leuschner-memorial of the city of Bayreuth. The current tendencies of the political streams of the right-wing radicalism we oppose our educational work.

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