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21 | 01 | 2020
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The “Bayreuther Gespräche” are a traditional series of conferences in the context of the memorial work and the research of the Wilhelm-Leuschner-Foundation. They are held yearly on the occasion of Wilhelm Leuschner’s day of death in autumn. Art, culture and scientific symposia are united in this consistent form of event, being a several-day event in most of the years and having a European dimension right from the start. The “Bayreuther Gespräche” were held for the first time on 29th September 2005 at the memorial and the old city hall of Bayreuth. In the meantime, the event is focused on the heritage of the European resistance and its meaning for today’s European unification process. Based on Wilhelm Leuschner’s act of resistance, each year new questions concerning current political developments in Europe are discussed. The documentation of the series can be found on the left, arranged in ascending order starting with the first conference (“1. BT-Gespräche”).
Since the beginning, we have been working together with the Bavarian “Landeszentrale für politische Bildungsarbeit” in Munich. Further established partners are the German-Czech-Society and the International Circle in Bayreuth.


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Bayerische Landesstiftung

 Bayerische Landesstiftung



Bayerische Landeszentrale für politische Bildungsarbeit

Allianz gegen Rechtsextremismus in der Metropolregion Nürnberg

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Möbel Hertel Bayreuth

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