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19 | 02 | 2020
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Already in November 2005 the staffs of the Hauptschule of the Altstadtschule meet in the Bildungswerkstatt and inform themselves in the memorial about the work of the Wilhelm-Leuschner-foundation. There was arranged a sponsorship which was fulfilled in the school year 2006/2007. On March 8th 2007 the board of director of the Wilhelm-Leuschner-foundation Wolfgang Hasibether invited the staffs of the Altstadtschule for planning the sponsorship project for the grade eight of their school. The Hauptschul teacher Peter Weintritt was the initiator if this project. With fullest support of the school rector Horst Lowag and the whole staff of the Altstadtschule the details of the school project in the subject history were appointed. The ‘Nordbayerische Kurier’ invented the slogan: “easier to learn with Leuschner” and reported constantly about the proceedings of the project. The pupils of the eights grade should be negotiated exemplarily on the basis of the biography of Wilhelm Leuschner the German history from the German Empire above the Weimar Republic to the Third Reich of the Nazi regime. By the exemplarily learning the coherency of the historic developments shall be accessible easier for the school groups. Particularly by the use of Leuschner’s biography the learning matter of the historic eras of three forms of governing in Germany of the 19th and 20th century shall be connected with the own life world of the pupils.


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